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As of now the fins are 3D printed by Shapeways, keep in mind these are still prototypes…


SkateFins: extending the life time of your skatebaord deck, while having fun… It’s too bad to trash your old used skateboards, if there is snow around you could go winter surfing. Yes, there is already several products out there promising you a ride on snow with out the snowboard, but it’s a whole new gadget. Why not reuse something by adding only 4 small fins? We are closer to the store selves than ever. A few more fine tuned prototypes and we’re there.

Your deck might be too scratched up for skating, but life on snow could be heaven. Remove the trucks and add some fins!

Skaterdad, Hans Gerhard

SkateFins will give your old skateboard deck some extra mileage, on snow. They will snap on and make your board go where you want.
Need proof, you got it! Below you will witness the difference between board without and a board with fins, notice the difference?